Tricky Thursday : : Frosting Cupcakes 101

Cupcakes are making such a statement nowadays. What makes a cupcake? The frosting of course! A cupcake without frosting makes a muffin, a muffin with frosting makes a cupcake. This most defining feature differentiates the graceful cupcake from the rustic … Continue reading

Party Tableware

Quality plastic tableware is ideal for parties as they are durable, lightweight and practical. For the fashion-savvy party stylist, tableware are now designed exclusively to mix + match. They are fit for use both outdoors and indoors, at events, parties and functions. They come in … Continue reading

Cupcake Wrappers + Toppers

Why settle for the plain, ordinary and mass produced cupcake cups when you can dress those scrumptious cupcakes according to colour or theme! Its no rocket science, follow these 3 simple steps and cupcakes look simply adorable and appealing. 1. Twist … Continue reading