Keeping Up With The Latest Cupcake Trends

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Cupcake Liners Cupcake Wrappers Edible Decorations Cupcake Toppers Cupcake Stand WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO DO: 1. Bake with pretty cupcake liners – This is the cheapest or rather, cost-effective solution to dress the body of your cupcake. … Continue reading

Tricky Thursday : : Frosting Cupcakes 101

Cupcakes are making such a statement nowadays. What makes a cupcake? The frosting of course! A cupcake without frosting makes a muffin, a muffin with frosting makes a cupcake. This most defining feature differentiates the graceful cupcake from the rustic … Continue reading

Tricky Thursday : : Post-holiday Stain Removal Guide

“What a lovely party!” The holiday season can indeed be jolly and merry. Especially for the entertaining queens, this time of the year is best to host hearty parties for friends and family. With little tots running around and the klutz of … Continue reading

The Online Marketing BOOM

An article in this month’s issue of The Malaysian Women Weekly talks on how to boost your online presence and take advantage of our modern day “share tool” – the social network. Which is absolutely true, but many have yet … Continue reading