Keeping Up With The Latest Cupcake Trends


Cupcake Liners
Cupcake Wrappers
Edible Decorations
Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake Stand


1. Bake with pretty cupcake liners – This is the cheapest or rather, cost-effective solution to dress the body of your cupcake. Cupcake liners no longer come as plain-white-tees, they are now various patterns and colours available in stores. However, the liners tend to get the greasy look when pulled out from the oven, it’s inevitable.
2. The novelty of cupcake wrappers – Here’s the ‘coat’ for your bare naked or greasy cupcakes. Cupcake wrappers are buzzing louder than the bees in the cupcake trend. These perfectly tailored apparels for your cupcakes are perfect for any party theme or occasion. Simply wrap the piece of clothing around your already baked and cooled cupcake and place them aside for frosting. Do make sure not to bake your cupcakes with the cupcake wrappers on, or they will burn and catch on fire in the oven.
3. Frosting and other edible cupcake decorations – Start with a layer of frosting, the classic buttercream or chocolate ganache, whichever instructed in the recipe or best suits your cupcake. Then you can bedazzle the frosting with
4. Top with cupcake toppers – Cupcake toppers are so popular nowadays, they might even have their own reality show some day. Cupcake toppers are cupcake accessories that can be in edible forms or most commonly used, printables. Simply choose the toppers that best suit the selected theme or the cupcake wrappers and top your cupcakes with them for a complete finish.
5. Cupcake display – So once you’ve dressed and accessorised your cupcakes, you can arrange them on platters or you can stage them on decorative cupcake stands, cupcake towers or cupcake tiers for a more glammed and beautiful cupcake monument.

Happy Friday and have a marvelous weekend 🙂

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