The Online Marketing BOOM

An article in this month’s issue of The Malaysian Women Weekly talks on how to boost your online presence and take advantage of our modern day “share tool” – the social network.

Which is absolutely true, but many have yet to realise the full potential of this new media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogspot, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and the list goes on. So many to choose from, where do you even begin? Simple, go where the crowd goes.

“Online marketing is the hottest business trend today.” – The Malaysian Women’s Weekly, January 2013 Issue

Which ever channel you choose, just start somewhere, be persistent and informative, then if all goes right, your online presence will be to sure to grow as you go along. Here are some good and useful tips from The Malaysian Women’s Weekly article for you to begin with.

BLOGS or online journals allow you to talk about what you’re doing. The best blogs consists of texts, images and short video clips. One of the most popular blog host is – it is easy to use even if you have no technical skills.

TIP for best results, update at least two times a week.

FACEBOOK is the most popular online networking site at present. Create a business page here and list your town so that people can find you easily. The more people who “like” your pages, the more the word about your company spreads.

TIP for best results, update at least once a day.

PHOTO slideshows are excellent for showing off creative works such as cakes, clothes and accessories. One easy to use free service for uploading photos is

TIP for best results, update at least once a month.

WEBSITE are excellent for sharing permanent information such as your address, press list, what you do and so on. Google Site Builder is fairly easy to use, however, you will need some HTML skills – or need to hire someone who does.

TIP update only when your company or product information changes.

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